Giving this hospital site the DVXtech treatment

When the Oncology department at a large, high- profile Brisbane hospital needed to update end-of-life analogue camera technology in its radiation treatment room, they turned to their long-standing partner, DVXtech, for assistance.

The Challenge

In a radiation treatment room, safety and reliability are paramount. Patient care can never be compromised, and technicians must be able to monitor and communicate with patients during procedures without physical exposure to radiation. Equipment too has to be carefully selected. Not all components are designed to withstand continual exposure to radiation particles and any malfunction could have consequences for patient care. Insight is everything.

The Relationship

At DVXtech, every installation starts with a conversation. DVXtech had an existing 5-year relationship with the hospital, so we're well-placed to provide initial advice and recommendations. DVXtech had already carried out work in multiple areas of the hospital, including the gamma knife treatment room, mental health facilities, plant rooms and wards. The scope of work carried out spanned camera installation, access control, alarm systems and duress systems.

If you want a proven partner that delivers exceptional support, turn to DVXtech.

The Solution

DVXtech presented multiple options to the hospitalʼs Clinical Director that met their minimal requirements of security, reliability and clarity. The preferred choice was a high- definition IP CCTV system, comprising high-resolution digital cameras with motorised optical zoom. Advanced, robust and effective.

Want to work with DVXtech?

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